We deliver you healthy organic tea from Shizuoka.
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 To:You living in the Earth
 From:Kakegawa City of shizuoka Prefecture, city of Health, LongLife and Tea.

 Welcome to HPof Matsushita Tea Garden

 We would like to deliver health with easy access and happy tea time. With such a hope, I am devoted to growing, harvesting 
 and processing organic tea together with family, coworkers and many volunteer staffs.

 Green tea, called as the best of dry vegetables invented by human being
 Matcha, developed to the unique teaism culture in Japan
 Black tea, the most consumed favorite drink
 Houjicha and Genmaicha,. fragrant and sweet with relaxation

 We plant and grow nursery tea bushes in rich natural field of Kakegawa preparing soils without agricultural chemicals or
 chemical fertilizer at all. We believe that organic farming leaves the important heritage to the next generation, as it is a
 production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.
 We grow and hervest tea in my tea fields of about 10ha with Japanese words of thanks "Arigatougozaimasu" and process sprouts of
 tea into various sorts of teas with belief in wonderful possibilities of tea leaves.

 I enjoy creating flavor of tea devising the best way with original ideas for the best use of life of each sprout, devoted in enriching
 soils and watching tea bushes blessed by nature.

 A smile blooms in a fragrant cup of tea.
 Delicious organic tea contributes to your health as you enjoy in every day because it is delicious.
 We select and deliver you delicious tea best fit to you from teas produced in innovative system developed through many and
 strong wishes.

               Matsushita Tea Garden
               Youshiharu Matsushita
  Long,Difficult and Immense Cost War.  Green tea surely helps us to defeat the formidable war.
 The medikcal Reforms which President obama hangs up have been aiready realized in kakegawa.
 something is performing preventive care efficiently as at less medical expense sebstitute Objective
 of kakrgawa cohort Study.  Kakegawa may be tha healthiest city in japan(in tha world)
 Beneficial Effects of Green tea in Preventive Medicine and Health Care System. 
                                           Yoichi Sameshima,M.D

  Mission   “Creation of Warmth”

 The 1st step to realize our mission of "Creation of Warmth" is to establish the reliable system in which we can secure
 safety materials and supply steadily safe teas which customer can enjoy always with reliance.

 Matsushita Tea Garden has established integrated system of farming, harvesting, processing and distributing organic tea
 by our hand to deliver safe tea to our customer. This system allows us control all the process from our tea field to your
 hand and has asvantage of reliable quality control in process.

 We make effort everyday to deliver you delicious organic tea for the achievement of our mission"Creation of Warmth"
 based on "Enrichment of the Soils helped by Ecosystem" "Invention and Quality Contral on tea production" and "The
 safety secured by keeping natural circumstances"

Our basic concept is the creation of “Warmth”

  Nothing special can be done.
    We are here. We live here. We care here.

 What can we do now?
 We draw out true flavor concealed in tea leaves by respecting the birth
 of life and receiving life of sprout as important gift from nature.
 This is our production of tea.
       Life is gifted!
       To me, to you and to grasses and trees... ......
       In earth, water and everywhere there are life.

 What we think valuable are efforts to make genuine articles
 thanking helps from friends with whom encounter a fortune
  gave me as well as health. We do my best to produce
  healthy organic teas learning customer needs daily and
  challenging for its development.
 We really feel the greatness of the nature when we observe tea bushes and natures surrounding them in our organic
  farming, and we really feel that we should learn more on the nature. Underground in the soil innumerable lives are
  born, live and die. They all enrich the soil and give tea leaves lives full of life.

 Although there are discord and war incessantly on the earth, we would like to live happy with tea bushes in the nature
 being a member of a society with environmentally sound-material cycle.


 About us   Our tea garden   Our products   Tea&Health  Birth Secret story  Contact us  Site Map

Organic Tea Production System of Matsushita Tea Garden