We deriver you healthy organic tea from Shizuoka
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Qualification and License
 Qualification of Organic  Certified under Organic JAS Acts (Crops/Processed Foods)
 Certified under JONA IFOAM standard
 Certified under USDA/NOP(Producer/Processing)
 JONA, Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association is a registered certification body of Organic JAS certification
  Patent in Japan  Patent No.4415199 (Production technolopgy and machinery of Tencha)
 Registered Trade Mark in    Japan  Matcha Biyori 
 Japanese Tea Instructor (01-235)
Outline of Farm
 Name of Farm  Matsushita Tea Garden
 Foundation  April 1915
 Employee  7 regular employees, 4,5 temporary in 1st flush tea season, total about 600 mandays of volunteer staff/year
 Leaf mold production, development of tea farm, organic tea farming and production of tea leaves.
 R&D of organic tea production, organic tea production and sales.
  Guide to our works and facilities  3 works and 7 facilities (green tea, matcha, hojicha, black tea, oolong tea)

Tamari Tea Production Works

Kakuwa Tea Production Works

Tea Leaves R&D Works

  Aracha Processingg Plants   Finishing Process Plants    Refrigerated Warehouse 
 Guide to our Organic Tea Garden       12 tea fields ( 1032a)         Annual production plan of 200,000kg of fresh tea leaves
  Ikenoya Tea Field
  ( about 2ha )
  Ogasa Hill Tea Field
  (About 3ha)
  Up Tea Field
  (About 0.7ha)

Evolution of our Tea Garden

 1915year  Mr Harukichi Matsushita 1st tea garden owner started tea farming and improvement of species of tea
 1935year  Mr Yoshihei Matsushita 2nd tea garden owner started developmnent of tea garden and breeding of nursery tea bushes
 1964year  "Sugiyama Hikozaburou prize" awarded
 1975year   Mr.Yoshiharu Matsushita, current owner take position
 1975year  Start of less agricultural chemicals farming  (Tea Garden Area 280a)
 1991year  Production line of Wa-Koucha(black tea of Japanese tea)completed
 1994year  Start of no agricultural chemicals farming
 2000year  Certified by group under Organic JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standard) of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
 2001year  Start of development of tea garden in Ogasa hill  (Tea Gaeden Area 430a)
 2004year  Certified byJONA, third party certifier of organic under Organic JAS (Change of certifier)
 2008year  Certified by JONA, under JONA IFOAM Standard  (Tea Garden Area860a)
 Start of Tencha (Pre-powdered material for organic Matcha)
 2009year  Registered officially patent of production technology and machinery of Tencha
 2010year  Certified by JONA under USDA/NOP(National Organic Program)
 2012year  Registered as foreign facilities under the Bioterrorism act of USA
 Exhibit in World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, USA
  (Tea Gaden Area 1032a)

Organic Tea Production Process Guidance

 Qualification of organic fresh tea leaves farmed in our own organic tea garden  Qualification of Organic Processed Tea    Finishing Organic Tea
 About us   Our tea garden   Our products   Tea&Health  Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map