Suggested Brewing for two servings

Strong and mild taste of Fukamushi Sencha is emphasized when you
brew it in cooled boiled water.
Please brew 6g of Fukamushi Sencha with140 cc

of 150℉ cooled boiled water in 40 seconds in tea pot.
Steeping in lower temperature hot water and longer time
emphasizes mild flavor of tea.
Pour tea alternate and equally into each cup little by little.
Please do not leave liquid in the tea pot.
For 2nd brewing, we recommend to steep a little bit shorter time in
high temperature hot water.
2nd brewing tea in high temperature water has bitter taste which is good for sweet cake.
The key of good brewing is to use water once boiled and then cooled down.

Tea sprouts grow up in gentle sunlight in organic tea garden of May.
Organic tea garden in 1st flush tea season with carp streamer swimming in the sky wishing the health of children

We process carefully 1st flush tea sprout
harvested in our organic tea garden with a large quantity of steam in long time. Tea leaves are crushed fine but its taste is full body and mild as astringent taste is restrained.
We also process ”Kabusecha” to “Fukamushisencha” also. “Kabusecha” is fresh tea leaves grown under sunshade like as “Gyokuro”.
You can also enjoy it in cold water.
Organic Fukamushi Sencha
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 We can prepare 7 grades of tea from very precious high quality organic Fukamushi Sencha
  awarded the gold prize in 9th World Choice Tea Contest till that for daily enjoyment.
 If you inform us of your purchase plan in quantity, selling price and expected purchase price
 and bear postage,we will send you free sample
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   Tea 6g 140CC
40 seconds 
No liquid should remain in tea pot
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