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This organic tea garden grows up together with our children.
Brilliant sprouts encourage us. 
Organic Kukicha is made of small stems of tea sprouts separated in the finishing process of Fukamushi Sencha. Steam passes through inside of these small stems as they are processed with big quantity of steam. So this tea is highly fragrant and refreshing in taste.
We especially recommend Kukicha with Matcha , blend of organic Matcha and Kukicha processed especially to have higher fragrance.
Organic Kukicha
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We have 3 grades of Kukicha qualified by softness of stem.
Blending carefully Matcha to Kukicha taking a long time, you can get surprisingly wonderful taste.

(If you order us more than 10Kg in initial order, we will offer you special price discounting cost of blending for initial order of Kukicha with Matcha.)
If you inform us of your purchase plan in quantity, selling price and expected purchase price and bear postage, we will send you free sample.
 About us   Our tea garden  Our products   Tea&Health  Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map
  Tea 7g 170cc  30seconds No liquid should remain in tea pot
 Recommended Brewing of two servings

Better taste is given for organic Fukamushi Sencha characterized
with full body and mild taste, when you brew it in cooled boiled
water. We recommend you enjoy refreshing taste of organic Kukicha
brewing with a little bit higher temperature hot water.
Brew 7g of tea with 170cc hot water in 30 seconds. Pour
tea alternate and equally into each cup little by little. Please do
not leave liquid in the tea pot.
For 2nd , brew with higher temperature hot water in shorter time.
Key for good brewing is to use moderately cooled boiled water.