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Tempted by spring breeze, sprouts start to grow in organic tea garden.
Baby buds show faces one by another in organic tea garden.

Mecha is made of finely broken parts ( baby buds ) of organic Fukamushi Sencha,roasted by radiant heat of far-infrared ray restraining bitter taste. Then Mecha has fragrant and milder bitter tastes. Our Organic Mecha is made by blending this Mecha and Matcha.
When you take a cup, delicious taste of 1st flush tea spread in mouth having firm sweet and bitter taste by steeping in a short time.

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 Recommended Brewing of two servings

Blended with organic Matcha, full body flavor of our organic Mecha
is emphasized even steeping with high temperature hot water quickly.
You can enjoy rich flavor of organic Mecha roasted in high temperature
and sweet taste and color of high grade organic Matcha.
For 1st brew, please brew 4g of our Mecha in 140cc of 150℉ hot water
for 20 seconds.
For 2nd brew, steep it with high temperature hot water for about
20 seconds.
Please pour the final drop of tea from tea pot.

Key for good brewing is to use high temperature hot water.

You can also enjoy delicious and fragrant cold tea, steeping it with cold water about 5 minutes.

  Organic Mecha
We prepare 3 grades of full bodied Mechas.
The more you take time to blend well , the more wonderful the taste of our Mecha is.
You can enjoy it in hot water as well as in cold water.
(If you order us more than 10Kg in initial order, we will offer you special price discounting the cost of blending for your initial order of our Mecha.)
If you inform us of your purchase plan in quantity, selling price and expected purchase price and bear postage, we will send you free sample
Tea 4g 140cc  20seconds No liquid should remain in tea pot
 About us   Our tea garden  Our products   Tea&Health  Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map