Recommended Brewing
Matcha lathers well and has refined and smooth flavor.
When you drink it, natural sweetness spreads in your mouth.
Please put 1.5g of Matcha and 50 cc hot water in Matcha bowl
and whip it with tea whisk quickly , then you can get delicious Matcha.
If you want to whip it easily, you can put 1.5g Matcha and 50 cc hot
water in a bottle ,cover the top of bottle tightly and swing it well
to mix them with air. (Please take care that you are not scalded.)

Organic Matcha full of “umami” ingredients generated by sunshade growing is nutriment for mind curing mental fatigue.

Soft sprouts grow under sunshade in organic Matcha tea filed.
Dark green sprouts full of chlorophyll grow up in dark

By patented innovative production method , we make Tencha ,Mathca material not yet powdered, processing organic tea leaves grown under sunshade and harvested in organic tea garden. And grinding soft Tencha in small stone mill, we get Mathca.
Matcha of Matsushita Tea Garden is less bitter and less astringent in taste and fine in particles size, so its taste and texture is very good.You can enjoy light-heartedly the genuine Japanese culture of Koicha ( Thick Tea ) and Usucha (Thin Tea).
Organic Macha has sweeter and mellow flavor.

Organic Matcha
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Attention;Please close up the cap of bottle tightly to avoid a scald.

Give it big swings 10 times

Matcha is made of Tencha processed by the patented method developed in Tea Leaves R&D works. We have 5 grades of Matchas ; food materials , daily enjoyment Matchas and high grade Matcha to be used for tea ceremony.
If you inform us of your purchase plan in quantity, selling price and expected purchase price and bear postage, we will send you free sample.
You can enjoy real teaism using tea whisk In closed up bottle you can whip Matcha wherever you like.


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