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 Recommended Brewing of two servings
To emphasize fragrance of Houjicha, please brew it
with high temperature hot water quickly.
Steep a somewhat large quantity of tea leaves with
200 cc of high temperature hot water in around 30 seconds in a little bigger Kyusu (tea pot ) .
Larger quantity of tea leaves emphasizes fragrance more.
Please take final drop of tea.
For 2nd brewing , steep in longer time.
You can enjoy hot Houjicha with milk or lemon.
Key for good flavor of Houjicha is to steep a somewhat larger quantity of tea leaves

We start cares on organic tea garden preparing soils and planting baby tea bushes on it.
In around 7 years they grow up to productive tea bushes.

Tea leaves grown up big is good for Houjicha having much plant fiber.
We make at once Houjicha roasting Sencha or Bancha with sands drying them up in high temperature heat.
Decomposition of plant fiber to sugar brings exquisite sweet and aromatic flavor of Houjicha.
High temperature roasting reduce quantity of caffeine. So it is also good for child and for drinks just before bedtime.

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Organic Houjicha
Our organic Houjicha has refreshing sweet taste without astringent tastes made of roasted organic tea leaves. We can prepare 4 grades of Houjicha based on leaf type of material organic tea. If you need Houjica for food materials like as for Houjicha ice cream, we can prepare powdered organic Houjicha. If you inform us of your purchase plan in quantity, selling price and expected purchase price and bear postage, we will send you free sample.
 About us   Our tea garden  Our products   Tea&Health  Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map
   194℉  7 g  200cc
 30 seconds
 Pour till the last drop of steeped tea.