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  Recommended Brewing of two servings
 In hot or cold water in whichever way you can enjoy it.
 Just put and mix 1g of Organic Green Tea and water
 in a cup,then you can enjoy it.
 Mixing Organic Green Tea in fresh cream you can enjoy
 Green Tea Cake.
 Your delight of cooking will extend mixing it in cookies ,yoghurt, ice cream and Japanese  
 confectionaries like as Youkan( sweet jellied azuki-bean paste), Dango and etc.The delight of New
 Green Tea is boundless.

  Our products
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  Organic New Green Tea
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 Two young men are in organic tea garden. Sprouts and people grow up together friendly.
  Organic tea garden where smiles make tea flavorful
New Green Tea is made by powdering Tencha processed green tea like as Matcha.
We make Organic New Green Tea from fresh leaves full of catechins, a healthy ingredient blessed by sunshine.Thanks to newly developped production system, New Green Tea tastes very good although it contains much catechins which has astringent taste.
Price is very reasonable and you can use it as food materials.
You can enjoy it in cold water as well as in hot water.
 Organic New Green Tea
 About us  Our tea garden  Our products  Tea & Health   Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map
   1g of Powder      In hot・・・      In iced・・・
Three year have passed from the birth of our Organic Matcha, and now we give rise to New Green Tea full of catechins, healthy ingredients with excellent flavor.  We can prepare wide range of grades for food materials.  If you inform us of purchase plan, in quantity, selling plan and expected purchase price and bear postage, we will send you free sample.