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  Secrets of Health and Longevity " Approaching the power green tea "

Ingredients and merits of Green Tea

Ingredients of green tea are composed of Theanin for "umami” taste, Catechins for astringent taste, Caffeine for bitter taste, Vitamins, Minerals, Saponins, Fluorine, Vegetable Fiber and others.

Theanin has relaxation effects working on brain cells.

Catechins occupy 10-18% of green tea.

Catechins restrain the incidence of active oxygen, the mutation of cells which cause cancer and the fatness.

The human experiment and clinical testing made in Kakegawa City shows that

green tea restrains the fatness and the increase of LDL cholesterol called bad cholesterol.

Caffeine takes away tiredness, shakes off sleepiness, facilitate urine.

When you drink green tea before exercise, Caffeine of green tea help you reduce weight because it prioritize the fat to be burnt as energy source

Vitamin C has effect of maintaining skin color pale. It protects skin from adhesion of melanin pigment which causes blemish and freckle.

Vitamin A has effect of maintaining skin cells and mucous membrane cells in healthy condition. Insufficiency of Vitamin A causes skin dry and ease people catch cold through weakening of mucous membrane. Green tea contains fully Beta Carotene which has the same effects of Vitamin A.  Beta Carotene is not soluble in water. But you can take it easily by eating tea or drinking Matcha or Green Tea Powder.

The Japanese national broad casting corporation NHK reported that Kakegawa City is a country of long life and health and that the secret of its long life and health is in Fukamushi Sencha. And Kakegawa Fukamushi Sencha becomes very famous in Japan. We received contacts also from overseas people interested in health after the reports were made in
broadcasting satellite program.

Tea is not medicine. So it has not side effects. It is delicious
.As it is delicious, we enjoy it every day and have a good time.

We continue producing tasty tea treasuring natural circumstances.


 About us   Our tea garden  Our products   Tea&Health  Secret story of new products  Contact us  Site Map

Secret Power of Green Tea

Pure organic tea leaves are good for the health of you who live in stressful contemporary society.

Famous chines legend says that the Emperor “Shennong”, the Devine of medicines and agriculture used tea leaves to antidote the poisons 5000 years ago. He was harmed by 72 poisons per day when he tried all herbs to find out herbs good for human beings going around mountains and fields
Ingredients and merits of tea leaves have been clarified one by another along with the development of science. Now tea is focused as natural drink and natural food material with high potential for health effects.

We show you a part of secret power of tea proved in Kakegawa Study, the human experiment and clinical testing made with Kakegawa Citizens’ participation.