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Each country or region has its food culture and tea culture like as dialect.
We, Matsushita Tea Garden do organic farm without using any agrochemical preserving natural ecological system where natural enemies of harmful insects of tea bushes live.
However sometimes harvest of sprouts delays due to the break out of injurious insects uncontrollable by natural enemies as well as unseasonable weather. Even though we realize the stable production processing crops to various type of tea.
Please let us show you two private anecdotes about the development of new production method and that of new product.
Start of Wa-Koucha production in 1991
Local children visited us as in extracurricular lesson in the summer of year 1989.
We had open-air tea party with them after visit to tea fields and works.
Study on tea bushes at tea field   Study on tea processing   Happy open-air tea party

It was a class that local children assisted saying “Let's be an expert of tea”
We said that tea is a plant of camellia group, was very precious like medicines in ancient time and that it can be processed green tea , black tea or oolong tea.
We also mentioned that Kakegawa Fukamushi Sencha is tasty and enjoyed in the whole country.
  Pretty little flower of tea  Reproduction of cake tea drunken  in the ancient time  Kakegawa Fukamushi Sencha

The children were surprised very much hearing that it is possible to make black tea from leaves of the same tea bushes for green tea. So we promised that we would make it for them. And we started to try the production of Wa-Koucha , the black tea made of tea leaves for Japanese green tea.
We can’t make tasty green tea from tea leaves harmed by injurious insects. But the harm of injurious insects let tea leaves start natural fermentation which make it possible to produce Wa-Koucha with sweet aroma.
  Start of Trial Production       Tasting      Gratitude to the life

We could find production method in which we can be friends of injurious insects through studies with children. We found the production method which only organic farming make possible like as Oriental Beauty Tea in Formosa.
Free tea party in Sannomaru Plaza of Kakegawa castle park held in Saturday and Sunday , February –December ,2006
In this year many people visited to Kakegawa castle which became famous thanks to the nation-widely broadcasted program in Japan
Kakegawa city is called the city of tea, but did not have appropriate place to serve tea.
So we prepared the place to welcome visitors with free service tea. We served organic Fukamushi Sencha and organic Green Tea Powder whipped by tea whisk
We prepared place of free service tea in Sannomaru of Kakegawa castle     Children easily whip    Whipped tea enjoyed

More than 60% of visitors requested tea whipped by tea whisk. And some of them whipped tea by themselves. We were happy watching many smiling faces of guests who drunk Matcha in relax watching the castle.
Organic farm requires cares throughout the year and especially demands to spend time and effort for weeding. It’s like endurance contest between farmer and weeds.
When we had tea party to appreciate the people who helped us weeding, some of them said having cake “Since this is tea party , it will be better to have Matccha”. We lost no time in preparing trial production.
It seems that the production of Tencha, pre-powdered Matcha is easy, as it is made simply steaming and drying harvested fresh tea leaves. But we could not get special aroma of Matcha.
We established Tea Leaves R&D works and took 3 years to achieve innovative Matcha production methods and machinery on which we have patent.
We get Tencha production line in Kakuwa works and start the production of Tencha in 2008.
We weed out our tea garden by hand work
   Tea time at three     Tea Party thanks
 Patent is certified also on    production method    Grounding in stone mill      A cup of Matcha

Possible? Probable? Don’t worry.
If one way does not give you good result, you can look for other way.
You can enjoy challenge till you achieve your target.
Such challenge give us new flavor of organic tea leaves having hints from contacts with our helpers and children.
Tea parties gave me a good memory of life such as autumn tea party with my daughter in tea room of Ninomaru , Merci tea party with wife in Paris, tea party at the chance of visit to our factory by members of foreign press clu
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