To prove the health effects of green tea, “human experiment and clinical testing” was made to volunteers
  Kakegawa Citizens using Kakewgawa green tea for the period of 2009-2011. Now each participant reseach
  institute is preparing report. Reports in English are also planned.

 The subjects of study include “Green Tea Cohort Study” and “Human experiment and clinical testing on
  the effects of green tea”

 “Green Tea Cohort Study”

 It is true that the death ratio by cancer in Kakegawa Citizens who drink much ordinary tea is the lowest in
  those of Japanese cities and wards. 7 of top 15 cities and wards of lowest ratio of death by cancer are
  ordinary tea growing districts. Ordinary tea is full of catechins, and considered to have various health effects.

 For the years of 2009-2011, Kakegawa Study researched the relation between lifestyle and illness by
  conducting follow-up survey on 1,524 volunteer of Kakegawa Citizens of 30 years old and up, after the
  basic research on health condition and lifestyle including drinks of green tea.
 It is planned to continue
  the tracing research,

 “Human experiment and clinical testing on the effects of green tea”

 Surprising effects are shown for the people who had taken capsules of extracts of yabukita tea produced i
  Kakegawa for 12 weeks;

 The quantity of LDL cholesterol called bad cholesterol as it carries cholesterol to artery causing
  arteriosclerosis are reduced by 9.02mg/dl in average.

 The size of waist is decreased by 1.86 cm in average

 Kakegawa Study conducted the human experiment and clinical testing to confirm that green tea has effects
  of restraining lifestyle related illness, especially
arteriosclerosis through intake of capsules of Yabukita tea
  powder produced in Kakegawa or Benifuuki tea powder after every meal for 12 weeks by Kakegwa Citizens in
   Kakegawa city
which is leading production area of green tea.

 Dividing participants of this test into 3 groups of  Kakegawa Yabukita green tea takers, Benifuuki tea takers
  and no green tea ingredients fake powder takers.

 413 men and women participated in the total.

 Green tea capsule for one day used in the experiment contained
  powder of green tea equivalent to 600 ml
  green tea brewed in Kyuusu , Japanese tea pot.




 We work for the production of organic teas giving priority to waters,
  atmosphere and earth, hoping for ever lasting health and prosperity
  of our customers.

 Green tea is considered to be the best dry vegetable which human
  being have contrived and is full of natural health components.
 Matsushita Tea Garden has 1032a of organic tea farm
  registered under Certificate of USDA/National Organic Program.

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